Health promoter / Anthropologist

We are currently not looking for Health Promotors, as our talent pull is already full. Please, check back at a later date.

As a health promoter, you are responsible for the coordination and implementation of awareness-raising and educational campaigns to support the medical activities. The health promoter is therefore part of the medical team.

The campaigns can address different themes and your expertise may be needed in emergency projects (vaccination campaigns, awareness-raising on malnutrition or cholera) or in projects that focus on one medical issue (AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, etc.).


  • Master in anthropology or sociology (social sciences), in public health with a specialization in health promotion, or in community health (or a degree in nursing with a Master in community health care)
  • 2 years of relevant professional experience (working in health promotion/awareness-raising, health education, prevention, social work, community mobilization, etc)
  • Commitment to the values of the MSF charter
  • Willingness to leave on mission without your partner and/or family and to work in an unstable environment

  • Good French and English language skills

length of mission

  • 6 to 12 months

Meet our health promoters

Real change cannot be taught and must be carried by the local population, believes health promoter Jesse. Read his story.

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Mary Houldsworth talks about the safe practices health promoters try to get across in this interview.