Volunteers - Interns

At the Brussels headquarters, our volunteers work mainly in the administrative field. They have a well-defined and essential role for MSF, working on a regular basis for specific tasks.
We also employ qualified translators who work from home, as well as interpreters.


We recommend that you regularly consult the section "search for volunteers" on which we publish a position when a need for support is sought. To apply, check that your administrative status allows you to perform a volunteer activity (Being unemployed, in sick leave,...) implies permissions and a specific framework, in accordance with the Belgian law on Volunteering).

We are currently looking for qualified translators (to work from home) from and to Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish (any other languages welcome).

To apply, send your CV and motivation letter to anne.lepori.caillon@brussels.msf.org.


We can only receive a few interns a year. Usually, we directly contact the academic institutions and/or post our internships offers on this website.

An internship is always unpaid and an agreement with the academic institution is compulsory.

Internship positions


Due to lack of availability and means to adequately support them, MSF does not send interns or volunteers to projects in the field. All our staff members working in the field have employment contracts. 

If you want to work on the field with MSF, you will find more informations on this website. 

Working in the field.