UniData User Support Officer (m/f)

Position:                      UniData User Support Officer

Location:                     Brussels

Contract:                     Permanent contract at 80%

Duration:                    open

Starting date:             1st September 2019

Deadline for applications: 4th August 2019


Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural disasters. MSF offers assistance to people based only on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

MSF International is the legal entity that binds MSF’s 21 sections, 24 associations and other offices together. Based in Geneva, MSF International provides coordination, information and support to the MSF Movement, as well as implements international projects and initiatives as requested.


The International Technical Coordination (ITC) was created to maintain consistency in the choice of medical and non-medical articles between MSF sections in order to improve MSF interventions, while taking into account field realities. Proposed and developed by the logistics and medical departments, ITC was officially recognised at International level in 1994 and integrated into MSF International in 2006.

The role of ITC is to coordinate decisions taken, to inform and advise decisional bodies but it is not responsible for taking decisions.

In 2016 UniData was implemented. This online Master Data Management system (MDM) contains all the article codes created in the MSF movement, avoiding duplication, improving the articles description and thus streamlining supply chain processes. With it, ITC delivers article Master Data to the whole of the MSF movement.


UniData is delivered by the International Technical Coordination of MSF International.

The UniData User Support Manager leads the UniData Support Team. This team is responsible of monitoring and guaranteeing that the Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are respected.

The UniData User Support Officer, as part of the UniData Support Team, reports to the UniData User Support Manager and works closely with key staff in all five Operational Centres and all 3 European Supply Centres of MSF to fulfil the indicated objectives.


The purpose of the position of the UniData User Support Officer is to offer a good support to all our MSF colleagues in Europe and the field, that are using UniData. This is done by ensuring that the SLA’s are respected following the UniData Service Management System processes and procedures according the FitSM ITSM methodology.

This translates itself into playing a pivotal role in our experienced and solid UniData Production Team, behind the scenes. At the same time, you are the first point of contact for our end users, through the Helpdesk.

We are working dynamically toward constant evolution of our well-adopted online platform. Your technical knowledge will attribute to this evolution, as you assist in bug fixes and problem management. Most of all, your analytical skills are necessary to describe and investigate possible new developments for the technical team, engaging the requesters in your business analysis. The Change Advisory Board builds its decisions on your well-founded research. You are the point of reference between end users and our own developers in UniData’s Technical Team.

Any pedagogical experience you have is a bonus, specifically regarding the use of eLearning software.


The main responsibilities are described below as defined in the used methodology. These responsibilities are undertaken to deliver an adapted service to the user, that fits their requests.

  • Participate in UniData’s Service Management System (SMS)
    • Help Desk system management:
      • To monitor new tickets received at the UniData Help Desk tool;
      • To follow the procedures to categorize and assign the received tickets to the right process and owner;
      • To ensure proper data quality level is maintained in the information stored in UniData Help Desk Tool.
    • Service Report Management:
      • To take ownership on most of the service reports;
      • Maintain the service report specification for the reports under his/her ownership;
      • Produce and deliver the service report according to the specifications;
      • Ensure that the input / contributions required to produce the report are provided in time;
      • Understand new or changed requirements on the report under his/her ownership, and update the report specification accordingly.
    • Incident and Service Request Management (ISRM):
      • To take ownership on most of the tickets received;
      • Coordinate and take over overall responsibility for all activities in the lifecycle of a specific incident or service request;
      • Monitor the progress of incident resolution or request fulfilment taking into account agreed;
      • Trigger reminders to those involved in incident resolution or request fulfilment and escalate to the process manager as required;
      • In case of a (potential) SLA violation, trigger communication and escalation as defined in the SLM process;
      • Ensure an adequate level of documentation for the specific incident or service request.
    • Problem Management:
      • To take ownership on most of the identified Problems related to the functioning of the database UniData;
      • Coordinate and take over overall responsibility for all activities in the lifecycle of a specific problem, including problem analysis and identification of options to handle the problem;
      • Monitor the progress of problem resolution and ensure that the problem is escalated effectively, if required;
      • Ensure the information in the KEDB (Known Error DataBase) on this problem / known error are up-to-date, including appropriate descriptions of potential workarounds;
      • Communicate the problem / known error and potential workarounds to relevant stakeholders (e.g. ISRM staff and users);
      • Depending on the selected option for dealing with the problem / known error, raise requests for changes or trigger the Continuous Service Improvement process as required.
    • Change Management:
      • To take ownership on most of the Request For Change tickets;
      • Control and coordinate all activities in the lifecycle of a specific change;
      • Monitor the progress of change evaluation and implementation for this change;
      • Ensure that the change record is complete and up-to-date at any time from recording the request for change to completion of the post implementation review;
      • As applicable, communicate with the release owner of the release containing this change.
    • Release and Deployment Management:
      • To participate in software testing and quality assurance of proposed solutions.
    • Any other SMS task requested by his/her manager.
  • To support the UniData Help Desk and Training Coordinator on managing our E-Learning infrastructure.
    • Participate in the development of new E-Learning knowledge units (nuggets) and improvement of already existing ones.
    • TTS platform administration including:
      • User management;
      • Nugget deployment and maintenance;
      • Statistics generation;
      • Etc.


  • User oriented attitude;
  • Analytical thinking;
  • Proactivity and initiative;
  • Time management;
  • Capacity for autonomy and self-organization;
  • Excellent communicator;
  • Team player.


  • Strong written and spoken communication:
    • English and French required;
    • Dutch and Spanish an asset.
  • Business Analysis:
    • Building business cases using the “user story” technique.
  • Technical skill:
    • Basic understanding of Windows environment;
    • Understanding of complex web-based apps;
    • Basic Linux OS will be an asset;
    • Basic knowledge of SQL will be an asset;
    • Basic knowledge of PHP scripting will be an asset.


  • IT support to final user;
  • Business case writing, business analysis (in NGO context);
  • E-Learning platform administration and content creation;
  • MSF or humanitarian experience will be an asset.


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted  

MSF is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply.