Operational Pharmacist - Local Market Assessment (LMA) Mobile Implementation Officer (MIO)

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides assistance in more than 60 countries to populations in distress, to victims of natural or manmade disasters and to victims of armed conflicts, without discrimination and irrespective of origin, religion, creed or political affiliation.

Operational Pharmacist - Local Market Assessment (LMA) Mobile Implementation Officer (MIO) (m/f/x)


The Medical Department framework

The aim of the Medical Department is to improve the quality of MSF interventions in the field. This is done through 3 main activities: direct support to the field (field visits, technical advices etc.), training of MSF medical staff according to defined policies and support to operational research.

The Medical Department is divided in several units, with different roles.

The pharmacists’ role in OCB

Access to essential medicines is one of the major concerns for MSF Medical and Operational departments. Through their expertise and in collaboration with the other departments, pharmacists are responsible for the policies related to the procurement, management and use of medicines, therapeutic foods and medical devices in the MSF missions/projects. The core activities covered by HQ pharmacists go from the evaluation of the quality of pharmaceuticals to the establishment of good storage/distribution standards and dispensing activities, and promotion of efficient, safe, rational and cost-effective use, enforcing WHO standards all along the life-cycle of pharmaceuticals.

Place in the organization

  • The Operational Pharmacist / LMA MIO is hierarchically accountable to the Section Pharmacist and also works in close collaboration with the other members of the Pharmacy Unit according to their respective responsibilities. S/he also works in close collaboration with other members of the Medical Department, Operations (through the cells) and other departments (i.e. Supply Chain Department, HR Department, etc.)
  • S/he will be part of the Pharma Unit.
  • S/he will act as trait union between the operations and the OCB Pharma Unit, strengthening the collaboration between the two.


General Objective(s) of the position

  • To provide first line support (through field visits):
    • Evaluate pharmacy management tools in place and implement required tools in order to improve the pharmacy related activities in the projects/missions.
    • Support the Cells in all operational pharmacy related activities.
    • Coach field pharmacist and pharmacists in the beginning of their missions in complex contexts or upon request from Section Pharmacist, Pool Manager and Ops on all medical stock and pharmacy management standards.
    • To perform end-to-end pharmacy management analysis in the missions (from the end-user units to coordination on medical stock and pharmacy management, in-country and international medical orders, adherence to policies and guidelines, etc.).
    • To provide training and support tools to assist and facilitate different aspects of pharmacy management.
  • To evaluate and perform LMA in selected countries upon request from Section Pharmacist and Ops Department.
  • To assist the Section Pharmacist and Quality Assurance Pharmacist in quality assurance related activities for OCB and continuously improving the quality of pharmaceuticals supplied and used by the OCB (Operational Centre Brussels) projects, according to standards and procedures defined by the MSF international pharmaceutical network.
  • Advise the different OCB missions on possibilities and risks regarding local purchase of medical items after evaluation of the benefit/risk balance and advise medical, supply and logistic personnel on pharmaceutical issues, with particular focus on the quality-related and legislative aspects of pharmaceuticals.

Specific objectives

  • To perform field visits to selected missions to evaluate compliance to MSF OCB standards on LMA and/or pharmacy management.
  • To support the Section Pharmacist and Quality Assurance Pharmacist to define together with the missions and cells the most appropriate medical supply policy (local, MSF procurement Centre, mixed), assuring that MSF quality assurance policies are respected.
  • To support the Section Pharmacist and Quality Assurance Pharmacist to answer pharmaceutical questions coming from the field or at HQ level, related to the quality and procurement of pharmaceuticals (medicines, medical devices and therapeutic food) and on the quality-related aspects of pharmaceuticals.
  • To give a technical support to OCB missions and the cells in order to clarify legal considerations concerning pharmaceutical procurement and importation for the countries visited by him/her.
  • To support the Pharmacy Referents through implementation of the OCB Good Pharmacy Practice & Good Storage and Distribution Practices policies in all OCB missions.
  • To support the field teams in planning, implementing and monitoring pharmaceutical activities and to capitalize the pharmaceutical aspects and particularities of the OCB missions.
  • To collaborate with project medical teams in implementing systems for promoting and monitoring optimal use of medicines through the analysis of prescriptions (clarity of prescriptions/diagnoses/protocols) and/or pharmacy aggregated data.
  • To support project teams to ensure a high standard of quality in medication administration in end-user units (including good dispensing practices, safe medication practices and pharmacovigilance) as well as for end-user pharmacy management (structural management and planning in terms of space, arrangement and storage conditions, administrative management in terms of follow-up of movement and levels of stock, and data collection in terms of consumption).
  • To assist in facilitating of an effective communication network within the medical team and with other relevant parties on strategic medicines management and efficient medical stock management (i.e. stock-outs, pre-stock-outs, overstocks, sleeping stocks etc.) and incorporating feedback and correct systems.
  • To provide field support to selected missions to evaluate compliance to MSF OCB standards on medical stock and pharmacy management and to provide training and support to all relevant staff responsible for medical items’ management.
  • To support project teams in ensuring medical standard list creation, maintenance and adherence, clear and coherent distribution flow from the medical warehouse to end-user unit with adapted tools, and systems in place for consumption analysis.
  • Provides back-up for the members of the Pharmacy Unit upon request when on leave, meeting or on field visit.
  • To coach field pharmacists whenever necessary.

Main activities related to objectives

  • To assist the Section Pharmacist and Quality Assurance Pharmacist in monitoring the adherence to MSF international quality standards at OCB for local purchases and international procurement.
  • To participate in the development, implementation and evolution of a standardized procedure for evaluation of local pharmaceutical markets.
  • To work together with the different regional field pharmacists, country field pharmacists and their coordinators on local purchase issues for the projects in these regions.
  • To give a technical back up for pharmaceutical questions coming from the field or at HQ level, related to the quality and procurement of medical items (medicines, medical devices and therapeutic food).
  • To give a technical support to OCB missions and the cells in order to clarify legal considerations concerning pharmaceutical procurement and importation in the country.
  • To perform field visits to selected missions to evaluate the pharmaceutical sector of the country. During the visit, to assess the compliance of local distributors to WHO GSDP standards and the compliance of local manufacturers to WHO GMP standards for local procurement, if necessary. Also, to provide technical support on local procurement of medical items (for all the sections present in the country) where necessary; document findings and recommendations in field visit report.
  • When performing the field visit, s/he is the MSF interlocutor with the National Pharmaceutical Authority of the country.
  • To assist the Section Pharmacist and Quality Assurance Pharmacist in assuring the quality of medicines procured locally by giving advice to local purchase and donation requests.
  • To advise operational and medical decision-makers on the possibilities and risks of local drug purchase in project countries, after evaluation of the safety of such purchases when importation is not possible.


  • To be an interlocutor, together with the Section Pharmacist and Quality Assurance Pharmacist, of OCB Procurement Centre and other departments (MSF Supply) for pharmaceutical issues related to quality and technical specifications.
  • To support the Pharmacy Unit to monitor the adherence to and implementation of OCB standard policies and procedures (i.e. GPP, GSDP, etc.) for all pharmacy related activities.


  • To work together with the relevant stakeholders in order to improve the quality of medicines management throughout the missions, building upon existing knowledge and understanding.


    • To provide training to the concerned mission HR during field visits when requested and ensure knowledge transfer on new policies, protocols, guidelines, tools etc.
    • To brief any staff that will be involved with pharmacy management in the field (Project Medicals Responsible, Nursing Directors, Project and Mission Pharmacists, MedCos, etc.) regarding pharmaceutical matters.
    • To participate in pharmacy related trainings upon request.


    • To participate in all meetings of the Medical Department and Pharma Unit. S/he should also participate in the Coordinator Week and Annual Review of Operations when requested.
    • To participate in transversal collaborations in multi-disciplinary platforms (such as PATIO) when requested.


    • To ensure comprehension by the field pharmacists on roles and responsibilities of pharmacists in OCB.
    • To ensure adherence of field pharmacists to MSF procedures and policies.
    • To provide field support in other areas, including but not limited to GSDP, medical stock and pharmacy management, etc. under the technical supervision of the relevant referent within the Pharma Unit.


    • The Operational Pharmacist MIO will be in charge to support a specific portfolio of countries working in close collaboration with MEDOPs, SCOs, and HRO, in all pharmacy related activities, including but not limited to:
      • HR matching of field pharmacists.
      • Pharmacy management analysis.
      • Ensure that rational MSL is implemented, maintained and adhered to in all projects/missions.
      • Checking and rationalize the use of non-standard items (NSI).
      • Coaching/induction and support to field pharmacists (expat and national staff).
      • Provide support on preparation of Medical Orders and Forecast elaboration.
      • Collecting the monthly Pharma SITREP and liaising with cell, Pharma Unit, concerned stakeholders, according to the needs, providing adequate support.
      • Collecting missions GSDP & GPP CAPA reports ensuring their follow-up (in collaboration with the related referents) and record by context.


    • Degree in Pharmacy (or equivalent diploma according to the country of origin of the pharmacist).
    • Pharmacist with minimum of 3 years of field experience with MSF.
    • Fluency in English (French, Spanish and Arabic are assets).
    • Ability to work and report independently.


    • Willingness to visit and support the field at a short notice.
    • Experience working in the pharmaceutical industry or in pharmaceutical distribution is an asset.
    • Good communication skills, notably the capacity to act as an adviser and a trainer.
    • Team worker – strong organizational capacity – ethical and professional attitude – effective problem solving – computer literacy – ability to analyze information.


    • Expected starting date: July 1st, 2021
    • Contract type: Field position, 1-year fixed term contract
    • Location: based in Beirut – MEMU, 75% of the time spent in the field
    • Salary according to MSF-OCB Field salary scale.
    • Adhere to the MSF principles and to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Empowerment
    • Adhere to the MSF Behavioral Commitments

    Deadline for applications: 21/06/2021

    How to apply?

    Please, send your CV and cover letter to caroline.maes@brussels.msf.org and mention “LMA MIO” in the subject of your email.

    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

    MSF values diversity and is committed to create an inclusive working environment. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates regardless of disability, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, race, color or ethnic and national origins, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

    The protection of your personal data is important to MSF. By submitting your application, you consent to MSF using your personal data. For more information, consult our privacy notice to job applicants.