MSF Academy Representative for Central African Republic

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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. We work in over 60 countries, offering assistance to people based on need, irrespective of origin, religion, creed or political affiliation.

MSF Operational Centre Brussels is looking for a: MSF Academy Representative for Central African Republic

Operational Context

The knowledge and practice of MSF’s medical and paramedical staff are at the core of the quality of care provided to MSF’s patients around the world. In many countries, however – and within the African continent in particular – investment in medical education is far below what is necessary for providing quality medical care that meets MSF standards. Many educational programs inadequately prepare healthcare staff for their future jobs, especially the specific field conditions in which MSF is active.
The MSF Academy for Healthcare is an intersectional training initiative, designed to improve the quality of healthcare provided in MSF projects and to strengthen the local health systems where healthcare human resources are weak:

  • through continuous professional development and targeted on-the-job and bedside training
  • by working with local health and education ministries, schools and all 5 Operational Centers
  • counting 5 separate projects, with each a specific priority of MSF operational needs, in CAR, South Sudan and Sierra Leone

In the Central African Republic (CAR), all projects of any OC combined have been confronted for years with the recurring problem of the very low level of training of qualified personnel. A lot of operational energy has been dedicated over the years to training, but training needs to be a dedicated activity to seek significant change in situation.     
In 2019, our strategy was to start small and create a learning culture that can then be gradually developed. Activities started in July 2019 with staff from four different hospitals; the initiative was gradually rolled out to involve 7 of the 13 MSF projects (from 4 OCs) in the country at the end of 2019.
• A curriculum in basic nursing has been developed taking the essential basic skills, part of the academic study programs in nursing. Although the content is fairly simple, the skills-based teaching methods and tools are innovative, interactive and suitable for adult learning and bedside training.  
• Several key staff members from each project are trained to facilitate and transmit the different learning units, each to an average of four other colleagues. These "learning companions" will be supported in this role by clinical mentors from the MSF Academy, who will move between the different projects. The process started in July 2019 with 13 nursing staff from four pilot hospitals. At the end of the year, two cohorts of journeymen were formed and began to disseminate the course content to learners, in a process that will continue throughout 2020, to progressively reach at least 750 learners in 13 projects.

Purpose of the post 

The Academy Representative is responsible for MSF Academy’s operational response in the country and coordinating MSF’ Academy programme execution, promotion and representation toward the relevant national and international authorities and training institutions. He/she is in charge of defining the operational strategy for the MSF Academy for Healthcare in the country
He/she develops, plans and oversees the implementation and management of the Countinous Professional Development program and scans further needs and opportunities for the MSF Academy in the country. 
This work is done in close collaboration with the Coordination teams (mainly HoM, Medco, HRCo, PDM and FieldCos/ PMR) of the different OCs present in the mission country, and, at HQ level, the Program Manager of the MSF Academy’s global team and the technical referents (nursing sciences, pedagogical and clinical).
These activities must be executed while ensuring compliance to MSF’s charter, ethical standards and policies in order to realize organizational objectives and improve the quality of care within MSF-supported health facilities. 


  • Being accountable and supervising the execution of programs, including potential emergency response activities.  Ensuring that the MSFs technical and ethical standards are followed and objectives are achieved. Coordinating activities with all MSF sections in the country.
  • Representing MSF Academy for Healthcare and defending its interests before MSF Operations, national and local authorities, NGO’s, donors, training institutions and media to realize an active positioning and a positive public image. Raising awareness in the local, national and international community about the existence of MSF Academy programs.
  • Monitoring and analyzing the healthcare training situation in the country to identify the healthcare workers status and training needs in the MSF operational projects already benefitting from MSF Academy interventions, but also potentially in other projects where the MSF Academy could potentially intervene. Establishing and maintaining contacts with key stakeholders and carrying out relevant visits to remain in-tuned with activities and identify potential other projects of intervention. 
  • Leading negotiations for access and defining risks and constraints in order to make project proposals, set project targets and determine material, human and financial resources needed. Bearing witness, documenting and raising awareness for the target populations needs/distress.
  • Being accountable for the proper planning, sizing, and coordination of all financial and material resources needed in the project. Collaborates with the MSF Academy Program Manager in building/updating the annual plan and budget, with regards to her/his area of work and responsibilities;
  • Being responsible for the proper application of HR policies and associated processes in the project (recruitment, briefing/debriefing, evaluation, staff learning and development and internal communication) in order to ensure both the sizing of the team and the amount of knowledge required for the project activities. Ensuring the associative character of MSF is reflected in the briefing of all MSF staff, maximizing their commitment to MSF values and project’s goals
  • Ensuring data collection and the implementation of the Monitoring & Evaluation framework of the MSF Academy in the country, in agreement with the MSF Academy Program Manager, in order to define effective medical training programs for the medical and paramedical staff and to evaluate their impact, outcomes
  • Evaluating program performance and providing all the required reports to MSF Academy Program Manager on project planning, project monitoring and project evaluation in line with the MSF Academy program reporting cycle
  • Being responsible for producing (parts of) activity and financial reports for donors, when required
  • Centralizing and shares all HRH Development related resources, within the mission and with HQ, thereby supports the knowledge management organization-wide; 
  • Supervising the project material resources put at MSF’s disposition in order to ensure a correct use and its longevity. Supervising all orders (medical and logistical) and the MSF Academy purchases as well as the financial indicators, in order to ensure efficiency and early detect deviations and its causes
  • Responsible for the management and cohesion of the MSF Academy team, ensuring all understand their roles and responsibilities, providing guidance and support to each team member, and ensuring that adequate support is organised when necessary (anticipating the needs), as much at field level than from the MSF Academy global team.

In CAR, this position:

  • Ensures that the long-term strategy of MSF Academy activities is in accordance with the needs and priorities of all MSF-supported structures in the country. This requires obtaining buy-in from all OCs’ coordination teams, and to create ownership from all teams, at coordination and field levels
  • Designs the MSF Academy strategy and implementation plan specific to each project site, in close collaboration with the field team, the Medical Coordinators, PDMs of the relevant OC and the MSF Academy Program Manager of the MSF Academy Global team,
  • Promotes the role of the MSF Academy for Healthcare and advocates for the right implementation conditions within all MSF projects in the country
  • Networks and advocates with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to achieve strong ownership and develop the strategy to achieve the official recognition/accreditation of the training activities – Key actors are the Ministry of Health for the Continuous Professional Development and the Ministry of Higher Education for recognition of the acquisition of new competencies. This will be carried out with the technical support of the pedagogical manager and the global team
  • Maps out opportunities – locally, regionally and internationally – and networks for learning and training for Human Resources for Health in close collaboration with the Medical Coordinators & Personnel Development Managers. Exploring which of the MSF Academy initiatives can be translated into the projects’ HRH Development strategy
  • Manages and plans the daily running of MSF Academy programs in the mission; this includes the planning of the various trips of the clinical mentors to the project sites and coordination with operations, the smooth running of distance support, the organisation of Training of Facilitators ensuring all concerned are notified on time, etc.



  • University degree, minimum Bachelor level
  • Could be an asset: Nursing / midwifery diploma



  • Previous MSF experience, preferably in a position of Field Coordinator, PMR, Medical Coordinator, HRCO, or Head of Mission
  • Proven experience in the understanding of health systems in Africa
  • Experience in project management and team management
  • Desirable:
  • Working experience in relevant similar jobs in other NGO’s, in different contexts. 
  • Experience managing pedagogical projects, strong interest in teaching
  • Experience in advocacy and networking within MSF and with higher authorities 
  • Experience in change management


  • Strategic vision L4
  • Leadership L4
  • People Management and Development L4
  • Teamwork and Cooperation L4
  • Results and Quality Orientation L4
  • Capacity to Negotiate L3
  • Initiative and Innovation L3
  • Cross-cultural Awareness L3
  • Networking and Building Relationships, Advocacy L4
  • Planning and Organising L4
  • Behavioural Flexibility  L3
  • Stress Management L3
  • Emotional intelligence, positive-minded and energetic
  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet) and facility to learn using new IT tools


  • Fluent in French, oral and written. 
  • English: Good understanding and ability to express oneself


  • Expected starting date: summer 2020
  • 12 months fixed-term field contract, based in Bangui, with travels to projects in the country
  • Salary according to MSF-OCB Field salary scale. Transport, accommodation, vaccinations are taken in charge by MSF.  Per diem + medical insurance
  • Adhere to the MSF principles and to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Empowerment
  • Adhere to the MSF Behavioral Commitments 
  • No family position
  • A dynamic and stimulating work environment alongside multicultural colleagues

How to apply?

Online applications to submitted by August 21, 2020 the latest via the following link. When clicking on this link, you will be directed to our online application tool.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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