Mobile Implementation Officer – Mobility (m/f)


Raison d’être :

The Raison d’être of the MIO Mobility is to contribute in providing Mobility response adapted to Logistic Scenario linked to the MSF operations, in terms of fleet management, mechanical maintenance management and access and accessibility.

S/he supports the implementation of Mobility Strategies and Transport Policies in all projects.

S/he will be proactive to evaluate and propose solutions in line with this technical domain and adapted to the operations.


The MIO Mobility is part of the Mobility Team under direct supervision of the Mobility Team Leader to improve and implement the necessary tools and techniques in this domain.

The Mobility Team develops and validates technical aspects related with fleet management, Mechanical Maintenance Management, Access and Accessibility.

Mobility integrates in its scope vehicle fleet and all motorized equipment such as generator, motorbike, motor pump, out-board engine, etc.

His/her working time ratio is 70% on the field and 30% in headquarters. During field missions his/her working relations fall under the mission management.


The aim of the MIO Mobility is to provide direct support to the field, link to the motorized fleets from selection, start up/set up, usage, maintenance, monitoring to renewal/disposal. It has to answer the following five priorities:

  • Mobility response adapted to Log Scenario linked to the MSF operations
  • Security of people
  • Security of goods
  • Liability of equipment
  • Continuity of service
  • Cost control.

S/He assists in the deployment of Mobility solutions in Missions/Projects by giving her/his input in terms of Mobility Specialists needed, Fleet Management and Mechanical Workshop requirements and Trainings.


  • At priority level, according to operations priorities and with the collaboration of the CoTL, s/he provides direct support and specialized Help Desk to field teams through:
    • Support to anyone relevant whenever needed during his field visits, by training, coaching, collaborating and/or giving direct implementation.
    • Ensuring the appropriation of the standard items used during OCB's activities:
      • Items – modules and kits (ex: vehicles, maintenance kit, etc.).
      • Reference documents (ex: transport guidelines, driving policy, spare parts catalogues, logbook etc.).
      • Management tools (spread sheet aiming to help to order spare parts, table with the follow-up of the consumptions, garage management toolkit, etc.).
    • Support to the implementation of defined policies and strategies:
      • Preventive maintenance of the fleet through a maintenance planning integrated to the operation activities in accordance with MSF protocols.
      • Organization of work in a MSF workshop (ex: maintenance priorities according to operational activities).
    • Leading on all technical aspects:
      • Workshop structure, design - qualitative & quantitative tools and equipment.
      • Design and implementation of a spare parts management pattern integrating the concept of centralized stock whenever relevant.
      • Definition of the spare parts & consumable necessary, supporting the missions / projects in the elaboration of International spare part orders.
      • Design of fuel stock facilities and management system.
      • Validation of local suppliers for spare parts, equipment, tools and assets.
      • Design of the most appropriate fleet pattern according to the operations.
    • Evaluating possibilities and advantages of intersectional Mobility collaboration (existing or to be set up).
    • Making information related to her/his visits available and accessible by anyone concerned, in a timely manner, and accordingly to the model defined with the Mobility Team Leader.
    • Providing training whenever needed to:
      • Logisticians, Fleet Managers, Drivers, Mechanics and staff concerned by the Vehicle Fleet Management.
      • Logisticians, Workshop Managers, Mechanics, Drivers and staff concerned by Mechanical Maintenance Activities Management.
      • Logisticians, Workshop Managers, Fleet Managers, Storekeepers and staff concerned in Spare Parts Stock and Fuel Management.
  • S/He provides support to the Mobility Team on solutions development such as:
    • Reference documents for managing and maintaining fleet.
    • Management tools for different aspects of the Mobility.
  • At secundary level, help in the production of documents, guidance & “dossiers de fond” for LOG Dept:
    • Contribute to research and development of innovative items technics by supporting the Technical Team Leader in their development and specifically testing them in missions.
    • Support for the International Trainings:
      • S/he assures back-up for and/or facilitate with the Mobility Team Leader for providing training related to his area of expertise.
      • S/he assures the distribution of information to key people involved (briefing-debriefing/critical review/technical note to the field, etc).


  • All over OCB operations, it is estimated as:
  • 500 cars
  • 200 motorbikes
  • 20 trucks
  • 800 generators (all sizes)

Function challenges /difficulties

  • Ensure consistency between MSF needs, capacity and context reality
  • Ability to change plans and objectives according to MSF needs and requirements
  • Work in uncertain / volatile environments
  • Continuous mobility between very different contexts
  • Variable work load with regular intensive periods


Personal profile

  • Technical education (Technician, Manager) in Mechanical and Automotive field, with a minimum of 2 years’ experience, or equivalent in level and experience (as mechanical workshop and/or fleet manager, and/or mechanics).
  • Relevant experience with international NGOs.
  • Field experience in variety of Fleet and Workshop Management is an asset.
  • Field experience with MSF is an asset.
  • Experience with electronic diagnostic tool for vehicle and workshop management software is an asset.
  • Proven experience in 4x4 driving is an asset.
  • Experience in staff coaching and training.
  • Knowledge on Project management is an asset.
  • Ability to integrate quickly a team and build trust.
  • Ability to report orally and in writing (report) her/his point of view and analyses.
  • Computer literate (EXCEL, WORD…).
  • Good oral and written communication capacity in English and French.
  • Ability to function in stressful / volatile environments.
  • Mobile & flexible (extensive travel with possible last minute changes).

Transversal Skills

  • Results, quality and service oriented.
  • Proactive and willing to propose new ideas and solutions rapidly.
  • Behavioral Flexibility.
  • Stress management.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Able to set priorities and organize her/his own work.
  • Good team work and cooperation capacity.
  • The candidate adheres to the MSF principles and to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Empowerment.

Technical Skills

·  Vehicle maintenance, electricity and electronics diagnostic

·  Generator maintenance, electricity and electronics diagnostic

·  Supply abilities

. Welding



  • 1 year “MIO contract” starting  as soon as possible – full-time
  • Field position: salary according to MSF-OCB Field salary scale
  • Position based in Brussels but mainly carried out (up to 70% of the time) in the field
  • Start date : September 1st, 2019

Application (CV + cover letter) to be sent to before July 31, 2019 with “MIO Mobility” in the subject

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