Medical Data Coordinator (m/f)


Vision statement

The medical data unit is a newly created structure designed to supervise the collection, processing and use of medical data in MSF-OCB. The unit is located in the Medical Department under the Deputy Medical Director and brings together staff previously working in the Operations, Medical and IT departments under the former eHealth Unit. The scope of the Medical Data Unit comprises the support functions of the former eHealth Unit and also includes strategic and medical technical orientation with the ultimate aim of providing optimal data management.

The Medical Data Unit aims to provide optimal technical data management support to cells and field teams for OCB in line with project objectives, ambitions & demands, and OCB’s overall ambitions & needs according to the Operational Prospects.

Medical data management comprises a whole series of activities and responsibilities which starts with the data collection in front of the patient until the production of databases which can be used by clinicians, epidemiologists and operational managers to guide clinical activities & humanitarian operations.      

Operational & medical, humanitarian and strategic intelligence is produced out of relevant, clean, quality project data. These data are collected for:

- Monitoring of the quantity & quality of activities, to guide the users into:

  • Direct clinical use
  • Monitoring of project management
  • Surveillance
  • Service management

- Accountability: Justification of use of resources (internal-external) and of MSF presence activities towards other partners

- Catalytic dimension: Data are analysed and used for political (témoignage) and strategic dimensions (through operational research).

Next to Health Information Systems, a gradual investment in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions is deployed to answer to 2 operational needs: to improve the patient care by organizing the flow of patient information more fluently in the health facility and to improve the care of chronic patients over time (hep C, family planning, TB,…..).

In order to have the most appropriate solution for any given projects, a thorough analysis of specific needs have to be done on the field and a well-defined choice between multiple options needs to be made.

The unit’s goal is to provide a broad and consistent way to provide good quality data in the field, with a good balance between tailor-made (through relevant and usable short-term support) and standardized systemic tools, such as MINOS powered by DHIS2 and Bahmni or any other e-health tool.

The expected result of the unit’s work is to produce operational & medical, humanitarian and strategic intelligence out of relevant, clean, quality project data.

Scope of the Unit

  • Define and communicate a vision for medical operational data management in MSF-OCB
  • Operational support in data and information management: Finding solutions related to data management practices in the field, in the cells and in the medical department. To keep track of difficulties and opportunities in data-management in operations to propose adapted solutions and define institutional priorities of investment. Assure accompaniment of implementation of data management solutions; user support of tools and ad hoc training including collection; interpretation and use of medical data.
  • Medical responsibility: Content management in liaison with other referents maintaining a consistent metadata set:  review of indicators, forms, information structuring and ensures appropriate data collection and indicator use 
  • Tools: to provide the field with adequate tools to ensure good data collection and analysis
  • Training: To ensure that field staff have the skills and knowledge required for good medical data management by promoting good practices through trainings & other learning initiatives

We are looking of a strong medical operational (MEDOPS) profile to steer a 15 staff unit and help MSF OCB towards an optimal medical data management to guide its operations.


Coordination of support for medical data

  • Coordinates the support for medical data management in OCB
  • Coordinates a circle where the main stakeholders in OCB in medical data are brought together to discuss and harmonize vision on medical data management topics in OCB (SAMU, LuxOR, Medical Strategic Advisor, Public Health Specialist, field epidemiologists, Analysis Department…)
  • Is part of the intersectional contact group on Health Information Systems and looks for opportunities to learn from good practices from the other sections and evaluates and maximize opportunities for  mutualisation
  • Revises the current governance system of the unit (the steering committee) to ensure both an effective high level sponsorship in from the Operations, the IT department and the Medical Department.

Unit Management

  • Is the person with overall responsibility for the management of the unit, its resources (HR & budget) management and yearly planning
  • Proposes a three year roadmap for data management support that complies with the expected available resources, and translates it into financial and HR figures
  • Ensures that a planning for field visits of the team for data management support exists and is coherent with the roadmap
  • Ensures proper functioning of the 3 circles (working groups) in the unit, which are:  the ops-support circle, the Monitoring And Surveillance Tools (MAST) and the EMR circle
  • Assesses the capacities of his or her team, and defines a realistic level of operational support based on the overall team capacity leading to concrete action plans
  • Where operational support capacity falls short of need, the coordinator will plan with operations how the gap shall be managed – e.g. scale up, outsourcing, short-term solutions, etc. 
  • Determines the set of competencies needed to fulfil the unit’s mission and develops a training plan to further develop these amongst the members of the team
  • Interlinks with the IT department for the management of the IT positions in the unit and a common IT vision
  • Defines the definition of clear medical data roles, responsibilities, and processes across field and HQ stakeholders in collaboration with ops and the circle mentioned above

Knowledge Management

  • Builds knowledge on the medical data usage in the field, and provides solutions to make it available and maintained within the field, the Medical and Operations Departments
  • Is the owner of the portfolio of available data methods and solutions and validates the need for intermediate or alternative systems and keeps track of decommissioning them when appropriate
  • Coordinates with Ops, Med department and the Learning and Development unit a training and support plan to build the data capacities of medical staff. With implementation of mitigation measures against the impact of HR turnover on medical data capacities in the field
  • Ensures that data methods and solutions are known to field users, and that users have the required skills to benefit from tools
  • Ensures a briefing system within the medical data unit to brief and debrief the medical staff involved in data management and use
  • Contributes to the revision of reporting processes (log frame…) within the Department of Operations

Operational Support

  • Ensures the provision of time-bound solutions to field requests. Ensures the prioritisation and compliance of this support with the expectations from the Steering Committee. Monitors and communicates on the status of planning of rollout of support to the operations
  • Coordinates in collaboration with the med-ops data support person the field requests to the members of his team in ensures the most performant and motivating choice
  • Liaises with the MAST and EMR circles in the Medical Department to ensure that every short-term solution promotes a systemic solution rather than a contextual one; if not possible, plans with them a decommissioning plan of the ad hoc solution
  • Develops with the EMR circle a vision on EMR approaches for the field
  • Ensures his team documents Business Cases for each new pilot solution. Capitalises on the lessons learned and recommends the scope of its future usage
  • Ensures the planning and prioritization of EMR solutions according to the field requests and ensures an efficient support and implementation
  • Ensure with the MAST circle a rollout of the DHIS supported MINOS in the appropriate projects
  • Is responsible for having the Data Managers, Epidemiologists, eHealth Managers backed by adequate support in their role of providing support in their field posting
  • Liaises with the MAST/EMR circles to ensure consistency in their support
  • Supervises the medical content in the different tools to be answering to medical and operational needs for indicators
  • Is responsible for keeping the direct support to the operations within the HR and financial means that are allocated on a yearly basis
  • Together with the Cells and the Medical and Operations directorate, assesses the best operating model to handle medical information within Ops HQ, as well as how to support the field as regards the analysis of medical data

Medical department activities

  • Participates to the medical department meetings
  • Writes a yearly report of achievements and challenges for the annual medical activity report


  • Medical or paramedical degree
  • Two years MSF field experience or with another health service provider in low or middle country is mandatory
  • Sound understanding and knowledge of digital Monitoring & Evaluation and clinical applications.
  • Experience with OpenMRS, DHIS2 or similar tools is a strong asset
  • Health Informatics, Public Health, Epidemiology or clinical background is a strong asset
  • At least two years demonstrated experience in managing a team
  • Excellent strategic thinking and negotiation skills
  • Service oriented, problem-solver, resilient to stress
  • Availability and willingness to travel and to work in different field locations
  • Project Medical Referents and Medical Coordinatrors with a strong interest in Information Management are encouraged to apply
  • Fluent in both English and French
  • The candidate adheres to the MSF principles and to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Empowerment.


  • Contract: Open-end contract - Full Time
  • Location: Brussels - Occasional international travel
  • Starting date: May 2019

Interested? Send a cover letter and your CV with “Medical Data Coordinator” in the subject, before 25/03/2019, to Caroline Maes, Rue de l’Arbre Bénit 46, 1050 Brussels, Belgium, or email to Please submit only one file containing your CV and cover letter and name the file with your last name only.

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