Regional Medical Responsible - Southern Africa

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Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. We work in over 60 countries, offering assistance to people based on need, irrespective of origin, religion, creed or political affiliation.

MSF Operational Centre Brussels is looking for a: Regional Medical Responsible for Southern Africa


Mid-2019 OCB launched a reform in support of the projects aiming at providing more autonomy to the projects. Southern Africa (SnA) missions (Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South-Africa) have been chosen as first pilot, where an innovative and transformational approach will be implemented in 2020 in the region.

The current cell will phase out of current responsibilities and will function as ‘safety net’ as long as a relevant hand-over hasn't been completed.

A Regional Support Team (RST) will be established to be the first line contact for the projects for strategic matters.  While being based in other offices in the region, the RST will report directly to the OCB Director of Operations.

‘National support team’: a transformation of what is currently known as the Coordination Team (often based in the capital of the country) into a mixed team of junior and senior profiles that provide country-specific support within the different technical domains (HR, fin, supply, log, med..) and keep a role of representation at country level.

‘Project teams’: based on unicity of every project reality, lifecycle, setup etc..., During 2020, a reinforcement and/or re-organization of punctual, temporary or more permanent positions/ functions will accompany the transition towards a more final setup. Speed of transition is project-specific.

The Ops, the Med and the Leverage/Advocacy positions will make the core of the RST, with the Ops one being the regular contact of the DO.  These core positions will be part of the Operation Support Umbrella (OSU) initiated by the section to develop the interactions between the operations and the section.  The Regional Leverage position within the core team will specifically focus on linkage with the section and will coordinate the advocacy roles provided by the section to the Ops. This position will be a joint venture between the OCB Ops and the Southern African Partner Section.   The OSU will also encompass the E-prep capacity under development in the region

Every member of this RST will have a specific area of expertise and focus while a main point of attention will be to create and to animate a network that is able to make decisions as collective as possible and to allow maximum cross-fertilization between the projects and the National Support Teams. This unique set up will

  • promote more autonomy for the projects by increasing responsibility and competences at the project level, by reducing the responsibility of the today’s national coordination teams who will transition towards ad-hoc National Support Teams. 
  • aim to develop as many synergies as possible (with the section), primarily on Communication, Human Resources and advocacy common interests.
  • promote a holarchic managerial approach by including project staff in strategic decisions and by encouraging a distributed setup within the regional team.


As a member of the RTS, the Regional Medical Responsible will be the 1st line consultation for the project Medical on strategic medical issues & coach in order to guarantee the projects to be as autonomous as possible through assistance in creating, leading and animating a regional team, support the projects and safeguard coherence of the OCB operations and advocacy in the region.


  • Provide strategic medical support to the project medical responsible through mirror and coaching posture
  • Guarantee the alignments/coherence of medical mandate, strategic choices and objectives of the projects (within the region of Zim ,SA, Moz) with the global medical strategy of OCB
  • Monitor health & humanitarian conditions & context in connection with the project ops & med and the national teams.  Ensures the medical frame & long-term overview of the projects with the project Med 
  • Ensure projects having a pertinent Operational Research, M&E and/or med advocacy component within the medical mandate of OCB; creating synergies between projects and facilitate the relations between the project and referents from med department (SAMU included).


  • 1st line consultation role for the Project Medical responsible
  • Create a regional team environment with team members based in the projects, in the National support teams and in the regional team 
  • Promote a networked approach within the region (use virtual meeting tools) in the different locations, linking the projects together and linking similar roles in the region 
  • Promote the software components/soft skills within & between the regional, national and project teams, with a focus on developing practice on horizontal management and collective decision-making, 
  • Own, develop and document the organizational culture change of the Ops management in the region.  Promote the evolution from Managers to Coaches in the projects and in the relations with the project Final decision-taking on distribution of resources according to the priorities (within regional envelop), in consultation with project and country representatives, and within the operational and resources frame defined with the OCB Ops  
  • Safeguard coherence of the OCB operations and advocacy in the region.  Ensure the cohesion between the regional strategy and the project strategies 
  • Keep a record of the successes and failures of MSF in the region (the records of the projects being kept as much as possible at project’s level) 
  • At the request of the project or due to possible misfunctioning of a project (or a National Support team) collectively propose support and interventions in exchange with project & national teams (Rescue Role)
  • Guarantee the autonomy of the projects (act as a filter upon request by the project, in their exchanges with the HQ departments, the National Support Teams, the SnA section…) 
  • Guarantee that (HQ/other) project visits respond to needs expressed by the project team and are prepared with the project (ToR, follow-up…) 
  • Identify communication needs around operational priorities in collaboration with the comms officers & comms (SnA) dept  
  • Look for synergies and mutualization of resources between the projects, the 3 countries and with the SnA section  
  • Guarantee the “sans frontièrism of the OCB operations in the region 
  • Interact pro-actively with MSF SnA section team by keeping the key depts/Board informed about the humanitarian operations and challenges in the region 
  • Work in close collaboration with the section staff working in support of the OPS and the Emergency team based in JHB  
  • Guarantee the visibility of project voices at global OCB level  
  • Network in the respective domains (Humanitarian, Medical and advocacy) with the main actors in the region 
  • At the request of the project med, may act as a filter and/or focal point between med technical referents and project (assuring frame of internal med advise) 
  • Linkage between national and International medical standards (Quality)



  • Diploma in Medicine


  • Minimum 5 years MSF experience (in which minimum 2 years of field experience)
  • Minimum 1year experience as a Medical Coordinator
  • Working experience in the region is an asset
  • Experience in HIV and TB programmes is an asset
  • Basics in Public Health, Operational Research and/or Humanitarian law is an asset.


  • Strategic Vision
  • Leadership
  • People Management and Development
  • Service Orientation
  • Teamwork and Cooperation


  • English proficiency is mandatory; Portuguese is an asset


  • Expected starting date: ASAP/ Q2 2020
  • 1-year extendable contract under local legislation, based in Johannesburg
  • Proximity with the projects and hence travel within the SnA region is required
  • Adhere to the MSF principles and to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Empowerment
  • Adhere to the MSF Behavioral Commitments
  • To agree with the philosophy and principles behind the Field Recentralisation programme of OCB

How to apply ?

Application (CV + cover letter) to be sent before the April 8th, 2020 to while mentioning “Regional Medical Responsible” in the subject of your email.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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