Internship with the People Development Hub – MSF OCB

Proposed internship topic

Mentoring & Coaching Program

Within the People Development Hub of MSF OCB, we are looking for an intern that can support the Mentoring and Coaching program manager - Wiet Vandormael - in his daily and strategic tasks. The mentoring program is offered to first time managers in the field (both national and international staff). They choose to be accompanied by a senior colleague in their journey. Through a self-discovery approach, the mentee finds its own solutions to the job-related dilemmas faced in the field. Mentors are selected and trained by MSF. They are all still working with MSF (in the field or HQ) or have decided to leave MSF but still want to contribute to the movement.

The internship mentor will ensure that the intern is sufficiently informed, briefed and supervised during his/her internship. Key aspects of this mentoring relationship are:

  • Mutual Agreement at the start: how will we have a good relationship. What do we want to achieve? What are we both looking for? What is the atmosphere we wish to create? What to do when things do not go as agreed/expected?
  • Mutual feedback: Provide regular feedback on our objectives, priorities, work methods and relationship.
  • Support in terms of specific tasks, providing the framework and provide a mutual beneficial experience.

The intern will be asked to:

  • Receive the requests for mentoring (co-manage the email box of the program manager)
  • Encode the requests in the database, follow up on tasks and ensure all information is available and complete
  • Plan and assist during the induction talks with the mentees
  • Discuss with the program manager which mentors are available and could be proposed
  • Receive the applications for mentors, call for the focal group to provide feedback on the applications
  • Organize and assist the OCB mentoring and coaching skills workshops
  • Reflect and support on potential impact parameters to measure how mentoring and coaching has been incorporated in the organization’s culture
  • Brainstorm and assist with the program manager and other stakeholders on improvements, ideas and initiatives regarding the program
    • Community of practice and Knowledge Management (CPD)
    • Regional mentoring pool
    • Connection with medical academy, learning initiatives
    • Integration in the field people development offer
    • Creation of the board of sponsors for the program
    • Contributing to Agile work methods within the people development hub
    • Discussions with the Operations department on how the mentoring program can get closer to the field staff and incorporate more national colleagues in the program.
    • Potential field visits if appropriate (depending on the insurance, need and availability).


  • Interest in People Development, educational sciences, management of people and its theory and practice;
  • Knowledge of mentoring and coaching is an added value
  • French and English speaking and writing
  • Good communication skills: both writing and speaking
  • Strong IT capacities with MS package + other tools used (smartsheet, salesforce – data management tools, community of practice platforms).
  • Ability to work autonomous, ask for support when needed and provide regular feedback with the internship mentor;
  • Understand, support and implement agility in management (collective intelligence, work in circles, horizontal relationship with Program Manager and others)
  • Ability to understand the organization quickly
  • Subscribe to the MSF charter and behavioral commitments
  • Flexibility in terms of work load. Additional tasks might be requested as a way to support colleagues in our department


Please ensure you are eligible for an internship with MSF, by cross-checking the below criteria and accepting the conditions.

  • Will you still be under a student status (enrolled at a recognized university at the time of the internship) and under the insurance of your university?
  • We do need to make an agreement between you, the university and MSF (Universities should be able to provide this, as it is a standard convention)
  • Internships with MSF are unpaid, and no remuneration will be provided.
  • MSF does take charge of your local transportation cost (Bus, train, tram, metro) and you can benefit from the onsite canteen for lunch.
  • Based in Brussels - Ixelles

Internship Mentor – application details

If you are interested, please send your CV and your cover letter to Applicants for the second semester must send their applications no later than 1/11/2019.

Please provide us with the details on your internship

  • University/college
  • Title of the study
  • Duration: start and end date
  • Regime: full time or part time (please be specific)

A selection procedure will take place. Only short-listed candidates will be informed and invited for an interview.

For more information on the mentoring and coaching program, have a look here: