Logistics Department Director - Brussels - MSF Belgium

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides assistance in more than 60 countries to populations in distress, to victims of natural or manmade disasters and to victims of armed conflicts, without discrimination and irrespective of origin, religion, creed or political affiliation.  

Logistics Department Director 

 (m/f/x) – Brussels - MSF Belgium  


The Logistics teams at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Operational Center Brussels (OCB) ensure optimal support for both MSF beneficiaries and medical teams across a diverse range of operations. Employing a pragmatic and solution-oriented approach, OCB's logistics continuously adapts to the evolving nature of MSF's activities.  

The OCB Logistics Department provides comprehensive support to that ends. Its primary mission encompasses two vital objectives: Firstly, it establishes the framework within which logisticians (referred to as "Logs") operate in the field. Secondly, it facilitates access to comprehensive support, encompassing both technical expertise and intervention strategies. To this end, the log department, ensures knowledge dissemination, as well as learning and development opportunities, empowering field Logs to execute their mission effectively. 

To achieve these objectives, the Logistics Department is organized into three principal units, collectively contributing to the department's overarching mission: 

  1. The Log Support Unit (LSU) operates as a direct support system for Logs engaged in ongoing operations. It addresses immediate logistical needs and identifies challenges that may require intervention from other logistics entities. This unit plays a critical role in ensuring smooth operations by swiftly resolving logistical hurdles. 

  1. The Workforce Unit (WFU) cultivates a prepared and available workforce of logisticians, ensuring MSF's operational goals can be met within various projects and missions. The unit's focus on workforce optimization enhancing MSF's operational efficacy and agility. 

  1. The Knowledge Management Unit (KMU) ensures and enhance access to information, knowledge, and diverse support avenues. By enhancing the availability of vital resources and expertise, this unit empowers field Logs with the tools needed to make informed decisions and execute their responsibilities proficiently. 

The dynamic and diverse nature of MSF's operations demands a steadfast commitment to adaptability and innovation. The Logistics Department is well-equipped to meet these challenges head-on, leveraging its multifaceted structure and collaborative units. By embracing a solution-driven approach, the department ensures that MSF beneficiaries receive the best care, even in the most challenging and rapidly changing environments. As the Logistics Department navigates the complex landscape of humanitarian operations, its dedication to excellence remains evident. By bolstering field Logs with support, knowledge, and effective logistical solutions, the department substantially contributes to the overarching success of MSF's vital mission. 

The role of the OCB Logistics Department Director is pivotal in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of logistical operations, thereby facilitating the successful achievement of operational objectives as outlined in the OCB Strategic Orientation and Operational Prospects. As the leader of the Logistics department and the broader OCB logistics community, you are responsible for establishing a support framework that is both qualitative and measurable, customized to address specific needs. This support framework encompasses several crucial aspects: 

  • Providing adaptable and agile non-medical technical support. 

  • Ensuring the availability and relevance of information and knowledge. 

  • Fostering the readiness and development of the logistics workforce to fulfil their functions effectively. 

Moreover, this role demands robust leadership, fostering a unified and collaborative work environment deeply rooted in MSF's mission and values. 


Strategic Management: Developing and implementing strategic plans that align with the organization's goals and enhance logistical capabilities 

  • In alignment with OCB's objectives, define and develop the departmental visions and strategic directions 

  • As member of the OCB board of directors, actively participate and represent the logistic department in shaping the OCBs orientations and overall strategy 

  • Offer insights for operational strategies by translating operational goals into logistical challenges and solutions and adjusts the Logistics department's setup and actions accordingly 

  • By assessing internal resources and capacities, lead the necessary transformation of the Logistics department's structure to align with global initiatives (such as regionalization, field recentralization, CEH (Climate, Environment and Health), and Diversity and Anti-Racism)  

  • Contribute to the orientation definition of the MSF IO (International Office) Director's logistics platform 

  • As a member of the OCB management committee, actively participate in strategic decision-making, meetings, and related exchanges 

  • Provide leadership to the Com log, ensuring its dynamism and coordination by establishing efficient information flows and ensuring assignments are carried out. Align the Com log with the direction set by the OCB Codir 

  • Drive transformation and change by effectively communicating vision and rationale for change, supporting animated engagement, and ensuring inclusive processes 

Operational Management: Overseeing day-to-day logistics operations to ensure smooth execution and timely delivery of resources 

  • Coordinate the different units of the LOG Department to ensure efficient deployment of resources and services 

  • Formulate and ensure the effective implementation of strategic orientations and related strategies, providing guidance for the effective execution of policies, processes, standards, and guidelines within logistics operations. As necessary, actively participates in aligning these approaches with the broader movement's strategies 

  • Assume overall responsibility for the activities of the logistics department and maintains an overarching perspective on them 

  • Define the department's vision and overarching priorities, overseeing the implementation of activity plans, and ensuring progress monitoring and adequate reporting to the OCB Management Team 

  • Develop the Logistics department's Annual Plan and activity plan, including the allocation of necessary human and financial resources in compliance with OCBs internal planning and control cycle 

  • Supervise the development of logistics policies, periodically review them as needed, ensures proper documentation management through change control, and ensures compliance with high-quality business process standards. 

  • Ensure the implementation of monitoring mechanisms for logistics activities in missions, defines standard reporting levels, internal control processes, and data analysis procedures. 

  • Ensure the analysis and alignment of logistical responses with operational needs and makes necessary adjustments. 

  • Monitor the progress of departmental projects (PMO) within their scope and tracks their expected results. 

  • Manage interactions with other departments within the association and the international movement, communicating the implementation of technical and logistical projects to enhance their efficiency 

  • Develop strategic, tactical, and operational collaborations in logistics support services and activities with other MSF sections, aiming to improve synergies, streamline decision-making, and provide efficient, high-quality services 

  • Identify gaps, challenges, and opportunities between the logistics department and other OCB departments, other Operational Centres, and the broader MSF movement and take steps to address them 

People Management & Development: Leading and nurturing the logistics team, promoting their growth, and ensuring a skilled and motivated workforce 

  • Demonstrate leadership through personal example, upholding MSF principles, values, and standards to foster a respectful working environment as outlined in the Leadership & People Management Framework 

  • Effectively manage, coach, develop, and motivate team members, aligning with Human Resources (HR) policies to create a conducive work environment that enables individuals to thrive, develop, and contribute to a high-performing team 

  • Encourage and facilitate collaborative interactions and cross-functional teamwork 

  • Implement performance management practices to ensure staff members are held accountable and duly acknowledged for their actions and achievements 

  • Drive staff engagement with a keen focus on talent development and succession planning 

  • Provide leadership, supervision (line management), and support to direct reports and ad hoc positions 

  • Ensure departmental recruitment and follow-up are conducted with a particular emphasis on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion 

Resource Management: Efficiently managing resources, including finances, materials, and personnel, to optimize logistical support 

  • Responsible for defining and monitoring departmental resources, in terms of HR and budget, in alignment with the Logistics action plan and agreed-upon priorities 

  • overall responsibility for the selection, maintenance, and quality of usage of solutions, products, fixed assets, and real estate assets 

  • responsible for maintaining an overall view of all solutions, products, fixed assets, and real estate assets for all logistics resources in use in the field 

Representation: Serving as the representative of the logistics function, both internally and externally, to uphold the organization's reputation and interests. Encourage discussions and identify Log initiatives, solutions, and challenges to be shared with the codir and other relevant OC platforms 

  • Cultivate and sustain collaboration among departments, ensuring that solutions, setups, and needs are appropriately addressed. Promote clarity regarding the role of Logs, foster cross-functional cooperation, and facilitate alignment as required. Actively participate in the codir and strategic platforms to achieve this 

  • Gather, articulate, and prioritize needs when interacting with other entities, fostering collaboration for future developments 

  • Represent the interests, positions, and needs of the OCB LOG Department to the rest of OCB, the MSF movement, the humanitarian sector, civil society, and the public 

  • Engage with major logistics service providers, suppliers, and other contracting partners at the management level regarding overall performance, contract renewal, and commercial aspects 

  • Collaborate with relevant counterparts in other MSF entities on logistics developments, themes, and issues to convey MSF OCB's vision and explore potential synergies and partnerships 

  • Interact with other NGOs and international organizations to represent OCB and maintain awareness while exchanging information on developments related to logistical support themes and issues 


Education & Experience 

  • A minimum of 5 years of MSF experience in positions with responsibility, coordination and management, including in the field. Similar experience of minimum 5 years in an INGO could be considered 

  • Technical culture and professional experience in one or more of the relevant logistical technical fields (Construction, Energy, Motorized Fleet, Biomed,…) 

  • Extensive experience in project and/or program management 


  • Knowledge of the MSF portfolio  

  • Tactical competencies in operational LOG  

  • Capacity to evolve in a multi-technical environment and to integrate constraints from several different technical domains into operations 

  • Advanced mastery of team management techniques  

  • Financial knowledge to establish and monitor budgets  

  • Strategic thinking and analysis, ability to identify strategic and operational priorities 

  • Leadership capability to develop and implement a strategic vision in the domain of LOG  

  • Sense of responsibility; Anticipatory quality; Finding solutions and making decisions  

  • Change management  

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, Dialog-oriented, Diplomacy, Cooperative aptitude 

  • Charisma and ability to motivate and encourage groups of people, Communication and Public speaking skills, Strong ability to persuade interlocutors 

  • Networking skills 


  • Proficient level in English, both oral and written  

  • Other commonly used languages in MSF (French, Spanish, Arabic) are an asset  


  • Mobility required 


  • Expected starting date: Mid December 

  • Location: Brussels (Belgium) 

  • Contract type: Open ended contract with 4 years mandate renewable for 2 years – Full time 

  • Salary according to OCB HQ salary grid  

  • Meal Vouchers - Hospital Insurance (DKV) – Pension Plan – 100% reimbursement for public transportation costs 

  • Adhere to the MSF principles and to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust and Empowerment 

  • Adhere to the MSF Behavioral Commitments 

Deadline for applications: 06/10/2023 

How to apply? 

Please, send your CV and cover letter to Recruit-HQ-DG@brussels.msf.org and mention “OCB Logistics Director” in the subject of your email. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

MSF values diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive working environment. We welcome applications from all qualified candidates regardless of disability, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, race, color or ethnic and national origins, religion or belief, or sexual orientation. 

The protection of your personal data is important to MSF. By submitting your application, you consent to MSF using your personal data. For more information, consult our privacy notice to job applicants