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The Brussels 20km 2022:
run with MSF and support the maternity ward in Bangui, in Central African Republic

For the 42nd edition of the Brussels 20km, Médecins Sans Frontières invites you to run, to help building a maternity ward in Bangui, in Central African Republic.

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In the Central African Republic, access to health services is heavily dependent on humanitarian aid

Political instability and the omnipresence of violence have a strong impact on the health of the population in Central African Republic. Today, 55% of the country's health facilities are not operational and access to health services is heavily dependent on humanitarian aid.

Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to the lack of access to healthcare

Pregnant women are particularly affected by the lack of accessing to healthcare centres. The distance which sometimes separates their home from the nearest maternity hospital, can force them to walk for hours to receive obstetric care, sometime up to 20km.

While maternal and neonatal mortality rates are extremely high in the Central African Republic, medical assistance before, during and after childbirth is essential to preserve the health of women and newborns.

Supervising midwife in Bangui, Laurentine recalls the importance of the project

For Laurentine, the construction of the maternity ward in Bangui is synonymous with hope for the country's women and newborns. In this video, she testifies to the importance of the project and MSF's activities in the Central African Republic.

Bangui: kindersterftecijfer

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Central African Republic has the fourth highest infant mortality rate in the world, with 829/100 000 live births. © MSF

MSF facilitates access to care for expectant mothers with the construction of a maternity ward in Bangui

MSF has been present in Central African Republic since 1997. In 2014, we built our first maternity unit in the country: the maternity Castors.

Since then, the bed occupancy rate has been steadily increasing, reaching 135% in 2019, highlighting the need to build a new maternity unit.

With the project to build a new maternity ward in Bangui, we want to make obstetric care accessible to more women. We will relocate the Castors maternity ward to the one at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Communautaire (CHUC) in Bangui.

An annex of 3,000 m2 is being built by MSF teams. This new space will include:

  • 2 renovated operating theatres

  • 103 beds, including 58 for obstetric care and 45 for neonatal care

  • Family planning and sexually transmitted infection prevention services

  • Hepatitis B vaccination services for newborns

Blueprint of the construction

Plan des travaux

Here are some numbers related to the construction:

  • Total surface of the CHUC: 29 516 m²
  • Existing built-up area of CHUC: 13 442 m²
  • Newly built area by MSF (orange): 2 085 m²
  • Surface rehabilitated by MSF (blue): 4 810 m²

Pictures of the construction


CHUC Travaux


travaux à bangui

©Alex davey Thompson - 2022 - Bangui

©Alex davey Thompson - 2022
The current gynaecology / obstetrics departement of the CHUC Bangui.

Join the project by running for the mothers-to-be in Bangui

If running the 20km in Brussels is a real sporting challenge, running this distance to give birth can be a necessity for some women in Central African Republic.

This year, we invite you to run for them. Through the Brussels 20km, you bring visibility and support to our project of building a maternity ward in Bangui.

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To stay informed about the progress of this beautiful project, please do not hesitate to visit this page again, as it will be updated regularly.

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